About the head of the Dance University

Alex is a choreographer and coach for live shows and media. He does everything movement related: directing, creating, teaching and dancing. His clients are very diverse e.g. the German Government, VW and singers like Simply Red, Sunrise Avenue as well as TV Shows like Germany´s Got Talent.

More about his work here!

Alexander Heimer - Dance University

Show Reel of Alex

Extract of my References


  • Germany´s Got Talent 
  • German Government - Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • 125 years madsack media group - Laura Lato
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    Bavarian Culture Award 
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    TÜV Nord Commercial 
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    VW GTI Festival 
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    Rossmann Gala 
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    Rossmann Azubi-Tage
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    Staatstheater (state theatre) Braunschweig EinzigARTig Festival
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    Bogner S/S Collection Release


  • German Dance Art (Braunschweig) - regular classes 
  • Dance School Bothe (Hannover)     - regular classes 
  • Move & Style Academy (Hannover) - regular classes
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    Thailand Workshop Tour
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    Workshops all over Germany e.G. Hamburg, Munich, Celle and many more
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    Finals Workshop Tour
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    Didactics workshops for German dance teachers
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    Staget Congress


  • Daimler/ Mercedes Supplier Awards - LED Dance Show
  • Dancing with the Stars Germany
  • Eurovision Songcontest ARD Stefanie Heinzmann
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    100 years BMW Olympiastadium Munich - Simply Red, Sunrise Avenue etc.
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    VW Golf 7 Release
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    Eurovision Club concert NDR
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    Got to Dance Pro7/Sat1
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    Shows for Gazprom, Bacardi, OTTO, C&A, Neue Presse, Hitradio Antenne, Deutsche Bank, NTB and many more 

About the man behind the scenes

Sergej Ryan Fischer is the man, who does all the marketing, design and technique here. For years he is building and leading successfull Online Business in various niches. All in all he is building the framework of the Dance University, Alex fills it with life. 

As Alex he also has a passion for Dancing!

Sergej Ryan Fischer - Dance University

Extract of my References

Traffic Tornado
Secret Seductions

About the premises of the Dance University

For the Dance University Campus and all of our Courses we are using the premises of German Dance Art! 

More about GDA you can find here!