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Hey Guys!

I always knew foundation was important. At the same time it´s one of these “everybody-knows-that“ things but do you really know how important it is and what a solid foundation is?

I´ve been dancing for 9 years now but only 1,5 years ago everything has changed for me ever since. 2 Years ago I decided to go to New York City to take the next step in my dance career: I wanted to get an agent, a working visa and build a huge network. So as a result I decided to join a good friend of mine doing a program at the legendary Broadway Dance Center to get all I ever wanted. 

6 Month later, in our first week, there was a test in HipHop Foundation. I didn´t even prepare for it and focused on ballet instead because again I thought I wouldn´t have a problem doing some HipHop Basic moves. MS VEE proofed me wrong, therefore I felt so terrible after her placement-class however I still didn´t realize it was my foundation lacking. Fast forward I´d take some more choreo classes before taking her class again. However during the next class she gave me so many corrections that I had to be honest with my self. In the end I never missed a foundation class afterwards. In fact I decided to do get into research. 

There is not much about MsVEE on the internet but I was able to find an old clip:


During my time in NYC I was able to learn from many so called OG´s (= Originals Gangsters), I connected with a woman called Ephrat Asherie who taught incredible foundation classes but also pointed out the importance of the context and history to fully understand a move. Her style was so raw and pure you could see the African roots in her dancing even though she was white as I am. Just being honest here: HipHop is a black culture and  as a white dude I never thought I could ever reach the level of feel, flow, groove or swag Afro-americans and Lations have. Lastly it still is a long way to go for me but she made me believe it is possible by any means. 

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It was 2017 when I met Galen Hooks for the first time. After two days of intense work she made me focus on my strength again after I was focused on all my weaknesses for a long, long time. Furthermore she told me I had a really good foundation and that I have such a huge vocabulary to pull from. 

I´ve been sharing all my knowledge in uncountable hours of teaching back home, even teaching german dance teachers about foundation and that they had to travel to get it. I never realized how much potential all my knowledge had until Galen redirected my path with her note. 

In 2018 I had a chat with Sergej who at that time was already making huge things in E-Commerce and the online world. Next we quickly decided to work on a product which you are a part of now! As a result the Dance University was born. 


  • Get a real foundation teacher. An OG or someone who learned from the creators of a certain dance style and let him challenge you in every way he possibly could
  • If you can, travel to get your foundation. Otherwise make sure to filter the online noise. 
  • Get yourself a hand full of mentors. Choose wisely 🙂
  • Don´t fool yourself just because you´ve been in the game for a while. You can always learn and grow. Have a beginners-mind.  


About the Author

Alex is a choreographer and coach for live shows and media. He does everything movement related: directing, creating, teaching and dancing. His clients are very diverse e.g. the German Government, VW and singers like Simply Red, Sunrise Avenue as well as TV Shows like Germany´s Got Talent. More about him here!

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