Do you want to learn Hip Hop
Dance Moves?

You want to learn 
Hip Hop
Dance Moves?

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Welcome to the Dance University!

The Dance University is a place to build a solid dance foundation and to learn how to progress afterwards. Our content is based on the lastest research and finishes with common mistakes. Furthermore you will get all the Knowledge to truely understand what Hip Hop Dance is about and where it came from! For a maximal learning effect we rely on our 3-success-prillars:

Our Premium Membership is ideal for those who are seeking a gapless foundation.

It teaches you the essence of Hip Hop, the underlaying 4 basic techniques, history, 100+ basic steps but it also shows you how to go from there and what to do with those basics. You will be able to create your own variations and know how to put them together.

Additionally it gives your directions how to shape the foundation you built into something magical and teaches you how to entertain / engage an audience with your movement.

Last but not least it´ll teach you how to improve the overall aesthetic of your dancing. You will get true Masterknowledge that would allow you to build a professional career on it.

Premium Membership 

  • Hip-Hop Foundations
  • Hip-Hop Techniques
  • Culture and History
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    Over 100+ Basic Steps
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    More than 50 Videos

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